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Are you experiencing aches and pains from your busy work schedule or your demanding exercise goals?

Relaxation and recovery from our stressful lives helps replenish our bodies and attitudes, preparing us to face another day well-rested.

I’m here to help relieve tension and stress with a massage style that combines Swedish, trigger point, myofacial and other deep-tissue techniques unique to each client. Before any massage, I’ll work with you to learn more about your specific needs and desired outcomes.

As a runner and cyclist myself, I understand firsthand the kind of pains that arise with heavy training — even as an amateur. Your fitness goals should include recovery goals, too, using sports massage. This is my specialty, and I’ve undergone specialized training to help use massage to improve muscle function.

I also offer chair massage for corporate appreciation settings, helping your company reward busy employees with a shoulder massage to relieve tension commonly experienced in the workplace.

Learn more about the different types of massage services that I offer and book your appointment today.